Our Projects are built by 100% Volunteers

Hack Oregon is a community-powered non-profit building civic data projects on different themes to promote engagement, awareness, and quality of life.

All Hack Oregon projects are open source, built entirely by volunteers from our local community. That means that if you live in the Oregon area, or would like to contribute remotely, you can work with us!

Although each of our projects require a slightly different blend of talents and resources, our teams are always interdisciplinary and always have roles available for people at all levels of experience. We place our team members by balancing the skills they want to contribute with the skill they want to learn as well as offering training through Hack University — and by operating outside of normal bureaucratic, client-based, or venture funded restrictions — we’re free to move fast and innovate faster.

It’s not always easy, but we think it’s pretty worth it.

Find out more at hackoregon.org